Window Cleaning Services in Kelowna
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There are several factors All Star Window Cleaning takes into account when coming up with an estimate for your Windows, Railing Glass, Skylights and Gutters.

The Size and Amount How big or small are the individual windows, railing glass, skylights. And how many are there? How many feet of gutters are there?

The Location Are we going to be able to stand in front of the windows, railing glass, skylights or gutters to clean them, or will we need to use a ladder to get to it? Are there any obstacles in the way? There are times we may need to get on the roof to get to the windows, railing glass, skylights and gutters.

The Condition How dirty are they? When were they cleaned last? Were they done by a professional? Are they done regularly, or has it been a few years? If it has been a while, it may take up to twice as long to clean the windows, railing glass, skylights or gutters.

All Star Window Cleaning recommends getting your windows, railing glass, skylights and gutters cleaned regularly. Not only will it add to your quality of life but to prevent any potentially  expensive damage that can occur due to leaving it too long.